Your Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Mommies, May is our month!  Wondering what to treat yourselves with?  We came up with a gift guide for you.  


Gift Guide for the Breastfeeding Mom:

All the breastfeeding essentials for the modern, on the go, breastfeeding mom. 

1.  Bebe Chic Manhattan Breastpump Bag - Have all your breastfeeding and work essentials in one stylish bag.  This bag has compartments for your laptop, your cooler bag, and your favorite breastpump. It keeps everything in place, and the pockets make it easy to know where everything is.

2.  Mega Malunggay capsules - These capsules are every breastfeeding mom's breastfriend.

3.  Piping Rock Fenugreek capsules - Fenugreek is an herb known to boost production of breast milk.

4.  V-Coool Breast Pads - Always handy to have breast pads for those lactation "accidents." 

5.  Aveeno Aboslutely Ageless Nourishing Cleanser -Breastfeeding a newborn while working from home can take its toll on your skin.  Make sure to take care of it too.

6.  V-Coool Waterproof Clear Bag - Guess what -these clear bags are condensation proof!  Pack some icepacks and your freshly pumped milk in it, put it in your bag, and forget all about it.  The bag stays dry and won't ruin your important notes and documents.




Gift Guide for the Toddler Mom:

1. Bebe Chic Manhattan Diaper Clutch - Your toddler's needs are very different from a newborn baby's needs.  With a toddler, you need to travel light, and bring along only the essentials.  This clutch comes with well placed pockets to hold a change of clothes, a diaper or two, and some personal items as well. 

2.  Plant Therapy Lemon Essential Oil - We featured lemon because of its uplifting qualities, but feel free to check out your other favorite scents as well.

3.  OGX Keratin Oil Shampoo & Conditioner - As exhausted as we are with an active toddler, let's make hair care an important part of our daily to dos.  Conditioning your hair keeps out the frizzies and helps hair stay smooth and healthy.

4.  Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint Candles - After a looooong day, it feels good to just destress with a cup of your favorite tea, and melt the day's stresses away with this eucalyptus scented candle.  

5.  Centrum for Women - Self care. Self care. Self care.