Brother Max Bunny Carry and Hang Nightlight

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  • Bunny carry and hang nightlight

    The new Brother Max Bunny Carry & Hang Nightlight is incredibly versatile as it can be positioned anywhere to suit your little ones needs. It will happily sit on a shelf or easily be hung on a door handle or hook.  The clever design also allows toddlers to carry the nightlight, making it perfect for night time toilet visits. 

    The nightlight provides a source of comfort and reassurance for babies and toddlers by emitting a soft glow in their room, perfect for aiding sleep without illuminating the bedroom too much. It also helps parents when checking on their little ones without having to disturb their sleep. 

    The soft, tactile finish makes this an adorable toy that little ones will enjoy playing with, yet robust enough that it can withstand being dropped.  The Bunny can be set to a choice of single colours or a gradual colour change and stays cold to touch. When unlit, the Bunny will remain a mellow yellow colour. 

    Unlike other nightlights, the Brother Max Bunny can be both on AND charging at the same time – invaluable if you’ve forgotten to re-charge it during the day. It also features a useful automatic on-off power saving feature whereby the nightlight will turn off after 30 minutes (when in NIGHT mode). However, if light enters the room during that 30 minutes (i.e. if you turn the bedroom light on) it will automatically turn off and then start its 30 minute cycle over once the room becomes dark again. Fully rechargeable and uniquely lasting an incredible 12 hours on one charge (compared to just eight hours for most other nightlights).


    WARNING! - DO NOT USE if any part of this product becomes submerged or in contact with water.  Please discard immediately. (this includes: mains adapter, charging base, illuminating nightlight)