Brother Max Bundle of Easy Hold Bowls and Easy Hold Plates

Brother Max Bundle of Easy Hold Bowls and Easy Hold Plates

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3 Easy Hold Bowls
•because little ones like to grab the bowl when you're holding it, our bowl has an easy to hold handle that allows your hand to pass through and wrap around the bowl for stability and support
•handle can be used with left or right hand, can be used using small hands and big hands
•easy to hold when feeding your baby
•allows toddler to feed himself
•because little ones also like to grab the bowl from the table, our bowl is compatible with the suction base that comes with the Brother Max easy hold weaning bowl set 

2 Easy-Hold Plates

This cleverly designed 2 Easy-Hold Plates, from Brother Max’s Easy-Hold range, are plates with a difference. The 2 Easy-Hold Plates employ Brother Max’s patented ergonomic ‘hand-thru’ design, providing optimum comfort and stability.

The plate is designed to be more comfortable for mum during those longer feeds AND encourage independency at mealtimes for self-feeders, the unique wrap-around handle aids a child through various developmental stages:
1.  It’s incredibly comfortable and secure for mum when feeding little ones 2.  It supports baby-led weaning 3.  It’s perfect for bigger ones feeding themselves
The plates are a good size for growing babies and toddlers and have a neat lip edge that makes scooping up runaway vegetables easy-pea-sy. Available in colours that both boys and girls will love, they come as a mixed set of two in bold red and luminous lime.

•This entire set is BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free guaranteeing your child the safest and the healthiest food.