Free Shipping


Free shipping promo is valid from July 8 to 31.  This is a limited time offer.  Cannot be applied to previous orders. Payment for orders have to be received within 3 working days from date of sale.  Otherwise, order will be cancelled.

Product Exclusions

The following items are NOT included in the free shipping offer:

D-Nee bottle nipple cleaner (all sizes)

D-Nee detergents (all sizes)

If your order includes any of the items listed above, the total for the excluded items will be deducted from the total order, and the balance will be the basis for qualification in the free shipping promo.


Order # 0001 has a grand total of Php 1,300, of which, Php 500 comes from the excluded items list.  We will deduct Php 500 from Php 1,300, leaving us with Php 800, which means, the order is STILL NOT qualified for the free shipping promo.