Happy Baby Creamies  - Apple Spinach Pea Kiwi

Happy Baby Creamies - Apple Spinach Pea Kiwi

  • ₱295.00

For melt-in-your-mouth yumminess, reach for these delicious non-dairy drops. Happy Baby Creamies are made with organic fruits, veggies & coconut milk. Each bag contains at least 40% veggies, so grab a handful and smile.

Our apple, spinach, pea and kiwi creamies are a non-dairy, melt-in-your-mouth snack made with nutritious veggies and yummy coconut milk. They help to teach Baby self-feeding while developing a palate that enjoys vegetables.

Allergen info:
  • contains coconut
Did you know?
  • Coconut milk is lower in sugars than both cow's milk and rice milk.


  • 25% Daily Value of Vitamin A

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